•Gain confidence in your filming abilities

•Refine your filmmaking skills

•Develop & finess your editing techniques

•Elevate your audio & sound design 

•Stand out with beautiful colour grading

•Earn more money

•Be more fulfilled and make an impact



My USP, in everything I film, is ...

'A Woman with a Camera Telling Your Story'

I am an audiovisual storyteller and one of Europe’s leading female wedding videographers.

I run Story Of Your Day, a highly-acclaimed international wedding film company with discerning clients from all over the world.

I am also the Creative Director of The Story Creatives, Swiss-based corporate film studios, producing promotional & branding films as well as generating social media content and marketing services.

My career actually began in broadcasting almost three decades ago, where I worked in News & Current Affairs Programming for the BBC, ITV, Sky News and Reuters. During this time I worked as a News Reader, Reporter and Video Journalist.

My work is known globally and supported by brands, including Canon, Steadipod, Sennheiser and Instamic, Studio Ninja, Color Finale and The Video Show