Course Curriculum (for those who like the detail, like me!)

  Welcome: It's time to Evolve
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  Module 1: WHO ARE YOU? - Identify your client and find your niche offer
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  Module 2: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER - Wedding Workflow: Best Practice
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  Module 3: AWESOME FILMMAKING - The Wedding Shoot & How to nail filming on the day
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  Module 4: WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS - The Wedding Edit Part One - Refining Your skills
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  Module 5: MAKING THE DIFFERENCE - The Wedding Edit Part Two - Diving deeper
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  Module 6: YOUR SHOP WINDOW - Delivery and Sharing Films
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  Module 7: KNOW YOUR WORTH - Upgrade commissions and optimise package options
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Define your purpose and 'WHY' statement, refine your ethos and style and uncover your brand avatar while nurturing your self-confidence and enabling you to uncover the fearless filmmaker inside you. Also gain insight from marketing guru, Melissa Love from the Marketing Fix.


Dive behind the scenes of my successful wedding film company, Story Of Your Day, where I draw on ten years of experience in the industry to share insight into the booking process, working with the clients and workflow best practice as well as tips on mental preparation. Guest speaker Chris Garbacz takes us through Studio Ninja.


Gain confidence in your filming abilities, even under pressure, with my step-by-step guide through filming the wedding day, including multicam set-up for ceremony and speeches, my approach to filming the day and uncover what's in my kit bag.


Over TWO modules I illustrate how to edit efficiently and confidently including multicam sequences, editing techniques, an in depth look at editing a feature film, introducing frame-by-frame editing, sound design and a look into colour with Color Finale Colourist Dmitry Lavrov.


Get this show on the road and learn the best ways to deliver and share your work in order to discover how to build relationships with planners like guest expert Lucy Wright and other suppliers. There's also social media marketing secrets from Rebecca at Socially Bonded. Jon Bird also takes us through his film delivery platform Eazyflicks.


My insight on how to attract high-end clients for luxury UK and Destination Weddings by upgrading your commissions and packages and understanding the fundamentals of up-selling. Business coach Laura Payne-Stanley offers tips on knowing your worth.


Who is this course for?

This course is for aspiring newcomers and all female wedding film creatives who want to improve their filmmaking and storytelling skills, refine their packages and pricing and promote themselves with confidence in a saturated market. 

What experience do you have in teaching this skill, why should I buy your course?

Not only am I passionate about sharing my knowledge with others but I have been training other videographers for over a decade firstly for BBC College of Journalism but in the past six years within the wedding industry, hosting workshops and teaching one-to-one solo sessions as well as speaking annually at The Video Show. I am a recognised Canon educator and Women Who Photo and Film Ambassador.

What makes this course 'immersive' and 'hands-on'?

This course is not a series of lectures where I drone on about my work and what I've achieved. Every module has assignments and work for you to practice what you've learnt. I hope you'll then share the results with me and other students in the private Facebook group.

Does it matter what equipment or editing software I use?

I expect everyone on this course to have a certain level of understanding about the equipment you use. This course is not about the technicalities of what buttons you press but how to get the best out of the equipment you use already and take you skill-set higher for you to achieve better results in your business.

I am total beginner to wedding filmmaking, is this course for me?

This course is designed for newcomers to wedding filming but my recommendation is that you have a foundation knowledge in filmmaking and editing for this course to benefit you. There will be other courses designed for your level of skills but you could feel overwhelmed if you tried to tackle this course. Please feel free to talk to me about one-to-one trainings either in person or online.

I am a photographer dabbling into filmmaking - will this course help me?

There's definitely elements of this course which can be of benefit to you depending on your confidence around your equipment. I have also written a mini-course specifically designed for photographers moving into videography.

I have been filming weddings for several years and want to know how this online course can help me?

If you've got this far down the page then you're definitely in need of something, right? Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions. Needless to say, this course has been designed with specifically you in mind!

If I have questions about different elements of the trainings, how can I get help?

Just ask in the Facebook Group, if you've joined or sign up to the Q&A live sessions twice a month. If you face real issues please reach out directly.

Is it possible to arrange one to one trainings with you either during the course or afterwards?

Of course and I'll even offer you a special discount for having taken this course.

How long will the course take me to do?

It's run over seven modules in seven weeks, so that's the minimum amount of time it will take. The rest depends on you. On how thorough you are and how hard you're prepared to work.

I work in a team and would like my partner to do the course too. Is there an option for multiple licenses for one company?

Yes, please contact me for further details.

How long will the course be available for?

Once purchased, you have unlimited private access to the ENTIRE course, for life! You can learn at your own pace and revisit modules as often as you like. I'll also be updating the course regularly so you will automatically have access to more content as and when it comes

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes you can, because I want this course to be affordable for ALL - please see the pricing options.

What upgrades are available?

If you haven't already signed up to the private Facebook Group and the Q&A mentoring, that's the first step. Also you can get MONEY OFF here to sign up for my Solo Sessions one-to-one trainings, London Workshop or Swiss three-day Evolve Retreat.