This awesome mini-course is part of a HIGHLY-CURATED and FULLY IMMERSIVE

online course for WEDDING FILMMAKERS



For videographers dedicated to achieving success and who understand that


You want to FINESSE & IMPROVE your videography skills, GROW your business & gain access to INDUSTRY INSIGHT.

It's your desire to make more MONEY, be FULFILLED and make an IMPACT.

BUT you recognise that you need to IMPROVE your videography skills, film at 'live events' WITH CONVICTION and OVERCOME YOUR FEAR of solo shooting.


It will enable you to FINESSE and ADVANCE your filmmaking & storytelling skills.

My step-by-step guide through filming the wedding day includes multi-camera set-up for ceremony and speeches (including an awesome on-location webinar), my approach to filming on the day and I'll reveal what's in my kit bag!

It will allow you to OVERCOME frustrations & GAIN CONFIDENCE, even UNDER PRESSURE with access to my knowledge & skills.

You will be given all the tools to enable your videography to EXCEL and STAND OUT in the industry.

And all of this will be made easy for you because you'll be learning from a TRUSTED trainer with a proven track-record within the wedding industry & beyond.
Once you've bought the course there's no urgency to complete it - this is YOUR course so do it YOUR way.

And you can also UPGRADE to buy the full course and BENEFIT from an awesome discount.


My USP, in everything I film, is ...

'A Woman with a Camera Telling Your Story'

I am an audiovisual storyteller and one of Europe’s leading female wedding videographers.

I run Story Of Your Day, a highly-acclaimed international wedding film company with discerning clients from all over the world.

I am also the Creative Director of The Story Creatives, Swiss-based corporate film studios, producing promotional & branding films as well as generating social media content and marketing services.

My work is known globally and supported by brands, including Canon, Steadipod, Sennheiser and Instamic, Studio Ninja, Color Finale and The Video Show.


This mini course will give you confidence, and will inspire and empower you to

finally level up your filmmaking and storytelling skills.

✔ The importance of nailing the filming on the wedding day
✔ Step by Step guide on how to set up for the ceremony with multiple cameras and audio devices
✔ On-location webinar on ceremony set-up
✔ Step by Step guide on how to set up for speeches with multiple cameras and audio devices
✔ How I approach the wedding day shoot with filming techniques and tips
✔ What's in my kit bag!

Filming a wedding can be quite stressful. After all it's a live event and anything can happen. This mini course / filming module you will allow you to gain confidence in your filming abilities, even under pressure, with an exhaustive guide to my approach to filming the day. Gone are the days when you run around chasing the action. Instead every frame filming will be driven by educated storytelling decisions to ensure you have amazing footage for the edit. The rest is down to you!


Although a wedding is a live event there's two parts of the day that you can plan for and it's essential you nail them! The ceremony and the speeches. Three of the sessions in this course comprehensively cover these parts of the day with a step-by-step guide to setting up multiple cameras (I use three) and audio devices so ensure you know all you need to know about camera and audio device placement, lens choice and how to work with other suppliers.


I'm often asked about the cameras, lenses, rigs and audio I use. It's essential to invest in the kit that works for you and your filming style so what suits me might not be your cup of tea. But if you want to get the best out of your equipment and authentically tell stories, whether it's for branding films, weddings or corporates then this is a complete guide to the tools of my trade as 'A Woman with a Camera Telling Your Story'.

Christian, Watch Our Wedding

I knew that by looking at Emma's work that it was something to aspire to. When you run your own business you can get stuck in a rut so I don't think you can put a price on training as an investment and Emma's expertise has been invaluable.

Mischke, Movies by Mischke

I have found all Emma's input to be on-point and just astonishing. But this course won't be an easy ride because she's going to push you. It's hard work. You need to really focus. You have to listen, concentrate and take action.

Steve, Steve Brown Films

Emma inspires videographers by drawing on her incredible experience as a successful wedding filmmaker. She makes growth sound achievable without having to go and buy different branded cameras and a tonne of lenses.



The full course is split into SEVEN modules, released weekly...

Identify your client and find your niche offer
Wedding Workflow Best Practice
The Wedding Shoot - How to nail filming on the day
The Wedding Edit - Editing techniques and multi-camera edits
The Wedding Edit - Refine your filmmaking and storytelling skills
Expertly deliver and share your films 
Upgrade your Commissions and Packages

Bonus Modules available to buy in 2021:

The Art of Storytelling through cinematic videography
Advanced Colour Correction & Grading made easy
Standing out with Outstanding Audio & Sound Design
Become a Destination Wedding Filmmaker
How to be a kick-arse Solo Shooter
Evolve your photography expertise into the art of filmmaking (A beginners guide to videography - already released)





Who is this course for?

This course is for aspiring newcomers and all wedding film creatives who want to improve their filmmaking and storytelling skills.

What experience do you have in teaching this skill, why should I buy your course?

Not only am I passionate about sharing my knowledge with others but I have been training other videographers for over a decade firstly for BBC College of Journalism but in the past six years within the wedding industry, hosting workshops and teaching one-to-one solo sessions as well as speaking annually at The Video Show. I am a recognised Canon educator and Women Who Photo and Film Ambassador.

What makes this course 'immersive' and 'hands-on'?

This is not a series of sessions where I drone on about my work and what I've achieved. I expect you to demonstrate what you've learnt.

Does it matter what equipment or editing software I use?

I expect everyone on this course to have a certain level of understanding about the equipment you use. This course is not about the technicalities of what buttons you press but how to get the best out of the equipment you use already and take your skill-set higher for you to achieve better results in your business.

I am total beginner to wedding filmmaking, is this course for me?

This course is designed for newcomers to wedding filming but my recommendation is that you have a foundation knowledge in filmmaking and editing for this course to benefit you.

I am a photographer dabbling into filmmaking - will this course help me?

There's definitely elements of this course which can be of benefit to you depending on your confidence around your equipment. I have also written a mini-course specifically designed for photographers moving into videography

I have been filming weddings for several years and want to know how this online course can help me?

If you've got this far down the page then you're definitely in need of something, right? Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions. Needless to say, this course has been designed specifically with you in mind!

Is it possible to arrange one to one trainings with you either during the course or afterwards?

Of course and I'll even offer you a special discount for having taken this course

How long will the course take me to do?

It totally depends on you. On how thorough you are and how hard you're prepared to work.

I work in a team and would like my partner to do the course too. Is there an option for multiple licenses for one company?

Yes, please contact me for further details.

How long will the course be available for?

Once purchased, you have unlimited private access to the ENTIRE course, for life! You can learn at your own pace and revisit modules as often as you like. I'll also be updating the course regularly so you will automatically have access to more content as and when it comes.

What upgrades are available?

You can upgrade to buy the full course which this mini module is part of. And to help you get started there's an awesome discount too for you. Please email me if you can't find what you're looking for. Also you can get MONEY OFF here to sign up for my Solo Sessions one-to-one trainings, London Workshop or Swiss three-day Evolve Retreat.


 to EVOLVE your skills & GROW your business